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Skills development

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$10,000 - $15,000

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Visual Arts



Cultural Tourism Accelerator Program - Queensland

The Cultural Tourism Accelerator Program is a $5 million targeted measure announced by the Australian Government as part of the Regional Arts Tourism package, which will enable arts organisations to promote and develop cultural events for tourists across regional Australia. The program will increase tourism visitation in regional, rural, and remote communities across Australia by providing financial support for arts and cultural activities. This grant stream is aimed at increasing visitation to existing arts and cultural venues, events, and programs. This is not a fund for new projects.

There are four types of grants available. Two focus specifically on marketing, and two on developing new initiatives.

Flash Marketing Campaign – $2,500

A competitive quick response grant for upcoming projects to extend digital or grassroots marketing into a new visitor market.

Targeted Marketing Campaign – $10,000

A strategic and targeted marketing campaign to achieve a particular visitation outcome. The campaign will accompany an existing project, event, festival, venue or annual program.

Experience Initiative – $10,000

An initiative that adds an offer or experience to an existing program, to increase visitation or extend the visitor experience of ‘place.’

Partnership Initiative – $15,000

An initiative that develops a partnership with hospitality, accommodation, retail or events businesses to increase visitation and develop cross markets.

To apply for the Queensland streams, see:

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