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Australian Lending Right Schemes (ELR/PLR)

Funding application period:  April 01, 2022 23:45 AEDT to March 31, 2023 23:45 AEDT

Public Lending Right (PLR) and Educational Lending Right (ELR) are Australian Government programs that compensate Australian creators and publishers in recognition of income lost through free multiple use of their books in public and educational lending libraries. These programs support the enrichment of Australian culture by encouraging the growth and development of Australian writing.

A creator or a publisher must register and submit title claims within five years from the year of publication. Books are surveyed in a sample of either public lending libraries (PLR) or school, TAFE and university libraries (ELR).

Eligible creators are:

  • authors, editors, illustrators, translators and compilers
  • Australian citizens, wherever they reside
  • non-citizens who normally reside in Australia (eligibility ceases if residency in Australia ceases), and
  • those who receive on-going royalties from the sale of their book.

Eligible publishers are:

  • companies whose business consists wholly or substantially of the publication of books and who regularly publish in Australia—’regularly publish’ is defined as at least once in the preceding three year period
  • non-profit organisations that publish to further their aims or objectives, and
  • self-publishing creators.

Payments are only made to eligible publishers if an eligible creator is receiving a payment.

Is my book eligible?

Eligible books are books:

  • with an International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
  • which have been published and offered for sale within five years from the year of publication
  • which have a catalogue record in a national bibliographic database, eg SCIS or Australian National Bibliographic Database 
  • whose creators are individuals (companies or organisations are not eligible creators)
  • with no more than five eligible creators.

Items such as electronic books, CDs, audio-visual kits and card packs are not eligible.

PLR and ELR payments are calculated and paid separately.

If you are eligible, your payment will be based on: the estimated number of your books held in public and educational (schools, universities and TAFEs) lending libraries; the proportion of the royalties you receive for your books; and the applicable rates for PLR payments and ELR payments.

This calculation must reach a minimum of $100 for you to receive a payment.

For more information, visit Office for the Arts

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