Adelaide Fringe Festival's Being Rich is a hilariously funny show at Sugar nightclub in the heart of Adelaide’s East End.
Adelaide Fringe Festival: Being Rich This hilariously funny show is on at Sugar nightclub in the heart of Adelaide’s East End. The entrance to the venue is a mere doorway on Rundle Street, so if you are not familiar with the club, you had best keep your eyes peeled. On completing your ascend up the many stairs, you enter what is a pretty standard nightclub setting. There is an easily accessible bar with ample seating of different kinds. Bar stools, a couple of couches and the dance floor is lined with somewhat uncomfortable plastic chairs. However this is soon forgotten once the show gets underway. There was an air of anticipation immediately on entering the room, the crowd (and there was a crowd) was jovial and expectant. This may have been due to the lady on the door telling us what a fabulous show we were about to see, and she was right! As with many Fringe shows, the props are minimal and Being Rich was no exception. A bare stage except for a microphone, a few well placed lights and some well chosen music was all that was needed, anything more would have been wasted on this talented comic. Rich Naberhood has been performing stand-up comedy now for over 10 years. And in that time has built up the reputation of getting his audience in hysterics. Rich has performed in London and all over Australia, working with A-List on many occasions in Sydney and now in Adelaide at the Fringe. Being Rich is essentially about being Rich...and poor at the same time! The show is a series of one liners and stories about the life of Rich Naborhood, a single, unemployed thirty something, born, bred and still living in Adelaide’s northern suburbs. Yes, if you live in the north you can expect to have some fun poked at you and your friends and neighbours but essentially Rich is poking fun at himself. Because he was able and more than willing to laugh at himself, I think it was impossible to be offended by any of his jokes. While the jokes were varied and not exclusively about himself, he remained in character throughout. The downfalls of being called “Dick” (Rich), his occupation (or lack of it), his hilarious logic about just about anything all add up to an hour that will keep you laughing from start to end. The dance scene finale will have you in stitches, and if it doesn’t I would demand a refund! A gem of a show, not only worth the ticket purchase but will leave you wondering “when can I go again”! ADELAIDE FRINGE FESTIVAL: Being Rich Tickets cost from $12.75 to $17.75 Thursday 19 March 2009. 09:00 PM Friday 20 March 2009. 09:00 PM Saturday 21 March 2009. 09:00 PM Adelaide Fringe Festival information

Tracy Gunn

Monday 16 March, 2009

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Tracy Gunn resides in Adelaide since immigrating to Australia in early 1986. She is married with 3 young daughters and works part time in the Hotel industry. She enjoys reading and writing short stories, some of which she is hoping will one day be published. She has been an avid visitor to the Fringe Festival and its many diverse performances since its inception in.