Ever seen a one man band in the heart of Adelaide city?
Ever seen a one man band in the heart of Adelaide city? The young, fresh faced “Bart” greeted us at the door, then ushered us in, then introduced himself up on stage, all within 5 minutes! Pretty organized. Come 10:30 there were maybe nine in the audience, which still left quite a few empty seats in the small red room. Doppleganger is the other human side that’s evil who try to take over your life. Basically, there’s good and bad in everyone! If you clone a sheep, what would you get? Another sheep, that’s identical looking. After his introduction, he took us around the globe, under his passport. From China, to Sweden, to Thailand, to the UK then back to Australia. Plenty of energy was generated from the spotlight & host, as what he believed to be reality turned somewhat funny when he hit the punch line. He covered quite a few stories of his travelling days, although, he didn’t take up the 10% offered during his “Relaxing” Thai massage! Hope the remaining 90% was worth it… The next shift turned up 20 minutes into the show, which was entertaining in itself, bringing the total audience up to approx 19. Re-introductions were done briefly & moving right along…. Time flew pretty quickly, and after his return back to Australia, time was up. In wrapping this up, this is Bart's first solo performance at the Adelaide Fringe and he had energy, enthusiasm, experiences, charisma, but required more laughter from us, the audience. He is still young, with a career ahead of him, & oozes plenty of talent. The season runs to the end of the Fringe, 22 March and tickets are priced at $22.65 per person. Doppleganger (Adelaide Fringe) Venue: Rooftop, Synagogue Place Time: 10:30pm Wed 04 Mar '09 to Sun 22 Mar '09

Julie Stone

Wednesday 4 March, 2009

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Julie Stone is a first time arts reviewer, based in Adelaide. She's a keen photographer and hopes to sell her art work soon, as a hobby on the side, apart from the norm, an Office Worker by day. She keeps fit playing sport a few times a week and is looking forward to this Fringe Spectacular approaching us fast.