Three cute guys, music comedy, audience participation and live YouTube style interaction. This Adelaide Fringe Festival shas electricity running through it…literally.
Adelaide Fringe Festival: You Tube Your Own Adventure Three cute guys, music comedy, audience participation and live YouTube style interaction. This show has electricity running through it…literally. The idea is simple (ish): an audience member is given a mouse and is asked to navigate around a mini YouTube with a twist: the performances are live, performed by the group Hooray for Everything and selected by the audience. The possible choices are from an eclectic range of music ranging from Wuthering Heights to fun tongue twisters about Osama Bin Laden. No two performances are exactly the same, not just because the selections will differ but also because of the relaxed and jovial dialogue between the members of the band and the audience. There is a relaxed atmosphere about this show and it gives the feeling of being young and hanging with your mates. All three members of the group are confident and relaxed which filters through to the audience. There is a comfortable looseness, to the show which allows for adlibbing and helps to bring the audience into the show as well as cover, or blatantly highlight, any errors or mishaps which may occur. They are quick humoured and entertaining in their banter and are able to react quickly to any situation that occurs which is needed in a show where the audience are in control. The audience was in stitches when treated to Matt’s unique, yet highly talented Australian Idol audition, and are shocked when brothers Phil and Steve attach electrodes to him which are activated by a ‘Zapiano’ a wired up keytar (a guitar with piano keys rather than strings) which systematically shocks Matt as he sings Good Vibrations. The message ‘kids don’t try this at home’ has never been so important. The concept of the show, drawing on the hub of meme and pop culture in You Tube, is highly innovative and wholly entertaining. My personal favourite was their rendition of You Spin Me Round, sung while spinning around, in a round and followed by a companion short film. While this peculiar skit may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I loved the visuals and the strange humour of it. Jumping from 80’s love songs to intricate performances where all three members of Hooray for Everything play the one guitar; there is an eccentric and eclectic mix which makes this show highly accessible and adaptable to the mix of people in the audience, on any given night. Closing with a clever rendition of Daft Punk in Acappella Harder Better Faster Stronger this is a show you can see over and over and see something, or possibly everything new every time. Hooray for Everything are definitely a group to watch and You Tube Your Own Adventure is a highly original and unique performance. Matt Emery, Phil and Steve Driver in Hooray for Everything are performing at the Adelaide Fringe Festival until 21 March at the The Pod, Garden of Unearthly Delights. Cost of tickets: Adult $20, Conc $15, Group 6+ $15.

Jade Wildy

Friday 13 March, 2009

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Jade Wildy is an art theorist and historian based in Adelaide, Australia and she is currently studying for a Masters of Art History at the University of Adelaide. Jade holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts, with a major in ceramics from the University of South Australia. Jade aspires to become an art writer and researcher to pursue her love of visual art and art history. Her current research interests centre around contemporary art with a particular focus on Environmental Art, but she also has a love for psychology, biology and contemporary culture through art, music and dance. Jade enjoys working in her established home studio, as well as fiction and arts writing, and have written numerous reviews for ArtsHub Australia on both visual and performing arts in addition to several book reviews.