The six comedians had an approximate ten minute time slot for their individual acts.
The Worlds End Hotel, Hindley Street West Adelaide has an acceptable grungy ambience and being mid week, this end of Hindley Street was reasonably quiet. Being a punctual sort of person, we arrived ten minutes earlier than the scheduled start time and we were greeted at the door by buxom blonde in a nursing outfit. We were politely advised to come back in a few minutes as the stage was still being set up. The first impression was that we were hoping not to be the only audience members. However on our return we were pleasantly surprised that a small intimate crowd of approximately 25 people (that would include the comedians) had gathered. The function room was appropriately allocated for the show with the simple setting consisting of a small stage in the corner with plain light coloured material as the backdrop. The lighting was obviously directed on the stage with a microphone and stand completing the stage set up. My last memories of a live comedy show dates back to the late eighties where anyone who chose to sit in the front rows was a likely candidate to be ridiculed as part to the act. With a choice of seating arrangements, we still chose one of the comfortable lounges in the front of the small stage. The six comedians had an approximate ten minute time slot for their individual acts. This was a mixture of raw local talent from male performers aged from early 20 twenties to mid 40’s (?) In this particular show I personally found that as the age of the performer increased so did my appreciation of the style of humour. The direct engagement with the audience was without pretence and was not offensive. These guys generally chose local topics and events that most of the audience would have been familiar with. At times it was delivered with ease and at times it appeared strained. I could hear laughter from most of the audience members and basically I would presume that the various skits at some stage would have appealed to each of the audience members. In respect to the performance, having numerous performers with slightly different skits in the one show is a positive aspect for this specific format. In summary, a mixture of fresh smart material with some very predictable gags. Overall an hour or so of light stand up comedy with some good punches. Taking the Piss Presented by Jarrod Fitch, Angus Hodge, Chris Knight, Dave Campbell, Rob Hannam, Jon Brooks and Ross Voss. Season closed.

Chris Taras

Thursday 5 March, 2009

About the author

Chris Taras was born and bred in Adelaide and strongly supports many of the cultural and music events that Adelaide has to offer such at The Fringe, Cabaret Festival, Womad and the local music scene. Chris is a keen collector of all things quirky, loves blues and contemporary jazz and has a passion for playing and learning the piano. Chris loves to spend time with his children Ruby-Mae and Oscar and exposing as much of the cultural scene on offer in Adelaide to ensure the next generation of children continue to support and enjoy what wonderful Adelaide has to offer.