Adelaide Fringe Festival: Baker Suite with Paul Grabowsky

At this year's Adelaide Fringe Festival Paul Grabowsky showed why he has become an internationally renowned pianist.
Adelaide Fringe Festival: Baker Suite with Paul Grabowsky
Over the years (not every consecutive year), The Spiegeltent has become an iconic transportable venue for various shows in the Fringe Festival here in Adelaide. Most of our past visits to this venue have predominantly been to see live music performances as it is very well equipped to support and stage the diverse music genres. After a chaotic afternoon we still managed to arrive 20 minutes earlier than the scheduled start time of 7.00pm, which was obviously to our benefit as we secured a good position to view the seven members of this exceptional gathering. The audience was of varying age groups and no doubt their motivation to see this show on a Monday night would have more than satisfied their expectations. Over the last two years I have had the opportunity to see Paul Grabowsky perform with the Australian Art Orchestra and other well known Australian artists and like this occasion his choice to integrate with other musicians and performers was well received. As a result of Paul’s musicianship he has introduced us to some exceptional local talent that we had not seen before, the Baker Suite. John Baker (guitar and vocal) and Gayle Buckby (accordion and vocals) set the precedent for an enjoyable one hour performance. The two engaged the audience by introducing the other musicians and in some cases were able to provide some background on John’s ability as a lyricist and as a storyteller. This was supplemented with some humour that added to their performance. I have always enjoyed the accordion (it must be that eastern European heritage in me) and Gayle’s capability to seductively play this instrument added to the overall bands musical direction. In addition the inclusion of the double bass, drums, saxophone/clarinet and viola also added to the collective mix of musical ability. Overall with this one off performance, Paul Grabowsky took the opportunity on a couple of occasions to show why he has become an internationally renowned pianist. This performance was one of the highlights for the Fringe, which has also stirred a desire to see the Baker Suite again in the future. Baker Suite with Paul Grabowsky Adelaide Fringe Festival The Garden of Unearthly Delights, The Spiegeltent, corner of East Terrace and Rundle Street, Adelaide John Baker (guitar and vocals), Gayle Buckby (accordion and vocals), Paul Grabowsky (piano), John Aue (double bass), BJ Barker (drums), Peter Rydell (saxophone/clarinet) and Karen Donadi (viola)

Chris Taras

Wednesday 18 March, 2009

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Chris Taras was born and bred in Adelaide and strongly supports many of the cultural and music events that Adelaide has to offer such at The Fringe, Cabaret Festival, Womad and the local music scene. Chris is a keen collector of all things quirky, loves blues and contemporary jazz and has a passion for playing and learning the piano. Chris loves to spend time with his children Ruby-Mae and Oscar and exposing as much of the cultural scene on offer in Adelaide to ensure the next generation of children continue to support and enjoy what wonderful Adelaide has to offer.