ADELAIDE FRINGE FESTIVAL REVIEW: Make Me Honest, Make Me Wedding Cake.

'Make Me Honest, Make Me Wedding Cake.' is showing at The Stables, just behind The Stag Hotel in the East End of Adelaide.
ADELAIDE FRINGE FESTIVAL REVIEW: Make Me Honest, Make Me Wedding Cake.
Make Me Honest, Make Me Wedding Cake. is showing at The Stables, just behind The Stag Hotel in the East End of Adelaide. The Stables venue is exactly that – a stable. Wow! You walk into a room about four or five metres wide, with a tiny stage and three rows of seating for around fifty people at best. The seating is an eclectic selection of vinyl kitchen chairs, armchairs from the ‘60s and ‘70s, a couple of benches and a few couches. Very intimate. Very cool. As patrons are walking in and taking their seats, the performers (Louisa Mignone, Rhiannon Owen, and Nadia Rossi) are already in the performance area, but appear to be nothing more than stage-hands. Only after a few minutes did I notice that two of the performers were doing their make-up and realised that this was, indeed, part of the show. The stage is in fact just a two metre wide area in front of the seating, with a tiny raised stage in one corner. The floor and walls are simple brick, with wooden beams and an iron roof. Very basic, but perfect for what is to come. The show consists of a series of very funny dialogue and monologue, half of which is a clever intertwining of lyrics from songs, the other half of which consists of various ‘memories’ from the girls, talking about their childhood, their first musical memories, and some obscure dream sequences. Every part of the show is entertaining, interesting and unique, however one of the particular highlights for me was Rhiannon performing a complex and certainly difficult yoga sequence (she’s very bendy!) whilst rolling and smoking a cigarette! Amazing. Her 25 or so steps to Karaoke is also quite entertaining, as is Nadia’s tribute to Karaoke’s impact on life as we know it, followed up by the things about Karaoke that “really shit her”. Hilarious. This venue and show is intimate in every sense of the word – the performers are close enough to touch, and microphones, whilst used once or twice, are completely unnecessary. This show has the feel of being in your own lounge room listening to friends telling stories over a few drinks. This is a wonderful insight into the minds and hearts of these three vibrant and interesting young performers. The clever use of song lyrics to tell a story, and the references to the way song lyrics relate to the way we view ourselves is truly amazing and strangely familiar. But despite the title of the show, and the extensive and frequent references to karaoke in the media releases and flyers, there is no reference to weddings, honesty or cakes, and no singing. And it’s fantastic. An hour well spent, and one that you will remember for years. The season runs from 3 – 7/ 9 – 14 March 2009 7.30pm at The Stables, Vardon Ave (behind The Stag Hotel). Ticket range from $20/ $15 at the door or through fringeTIX 1300 FRINGE or

Chris Braddon

Thursday 5 March, 2009

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