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Yarragon Studio Festival returns this winter with a Winter Feast of music and food

Yarragon Winter Feast celebrates the arts through a series of seasonal events, bringing together top-tier artists and culinary talents.

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Festivals & Programs

Event Starts

Aug 4, 2024 15:30

Event Ends

Aug 4, 2024 20:00


St Jarlath's Catholic Church


30 Campbell St, Yarragon VIC, Australia

The Yarragon Studio Festival is set to mesmerise audiences once again this winter with its highly anticipated ‘Winter Feast’, taking place on Sunday, August 4th. With a commitment to artistic excellence and community engagement, the festival aims to create memorable experiences that resonate with audiences. With each event aiming to foster cultural engagement and appreciation within the picturesque setting of Yarragon, setting a stage where music, art, and culinary arts converge. 

Yarragon Studio Festival includes performances from Dimity Shepherd, Richard Piper and many more talented artists.  

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