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Writing Fiction From Life with Kavita Bedford

Look at different literary devices and ways to create a unique literary voice with author Kavita Bedford.

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Info Sessions

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Mar 2, 2024 10:00

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Mar 2, 2024 16:00


Writing NSW


Callan Park, Balmain Rd, Lilyfield NSW 2040

How can your writing make compelling fiction inspired by real-life events and relationships? Join Kavita Bedford, author of the critically acclaimed novel Friends & Dark Shapes, for a workshop on how to draw from personal perspectives to shape fiction and characters.

In this writing course, we will discuss some non-fiction literary forms, such as memoir, auto-fiction, and creative non-fiction, and the differences between them. Then we’ll explore using elements of those literary forms in fiction, to bring personal experiences to life in a fictional way.

We will look at different literary devices and ways to create a unique literary voice, exploring how the wrestling back of narratives and telling one’s truth can serve as a political act. We will look at your environment and how you can draw from place, conversation and the elements that make you distinctly you. The course will draw from examples of modern writers who create stylised personal perspectives, including Natalia Ginzburg, Jenny Offill, Helen Garner and Bryan Washington.

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