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How can we equip ourselves for a future plagued with uncertainty? Immerse yourself in the science looking bravely to the future.

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Panels, Lectures & Ideas

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Aug 23, 2022

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Aug 23, 2022




Anzac Parade, Kensington NSW 2052, Australia



The 21st century has been plagued with one crisis after another – a global pandemic, climate catastrophes, economic turmoil and senseless violence. So how do we equip ourselves for what’s around the corner?  

To forge our path through this uncertainty, hear from five UNSW Sydney thinkers who are discovering the benefits of fighting fungal infections, the secrets of solar energy, the potential healing powers of magic mushrooms in mental health, and how X-ray vision might help us transition to a renewable economy. 


Could ‘magic’ mushrooms become medical mushrooms? | Adam Bayes

More than 264 million people worldwide have depression. But for many people struggling with severe or treatment-resistant depression, standard therapies may not work. Could psychedelics play a role in managing mental health?


The secret to fighting fungal infection | ​​​Bianca Briscas 

Nearly 400 years ago, scientists made the groundbreaking discovery that fungi were all around us, on us, and inside us too. So why is our current arsenal against fungal infection so limited? 


Unlocking the future of supportive care | ​​​​Jennifer Cohen

While many of us are looking forward to the end of Zoom calls, for those who are critically ill, rapid developments in digital technology fostered by the pandemic can mean an end to social isolation. 


X-ray vision: revealing secrets to sustainability | ​​Patrick Tung

As we’re rapidly shifting towards an economy fuelled by renewables, is tomography – a technology similar to CAT scans in hospitals – the secret to unlocking an even more sustainable future?


Unleashing the power of solar energy | ​​​​Ivan Perez Wurfl

Australia is well known as the sunburnt country, so why aren’t we taking advantage of the limitless solar power beaming down on our great southern land? 


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