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Wearable textile masks and disguises workshop with Kasia Tons

Create a mask or disguise using hand stitching techniques, beading, embroidery and applique.

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Jul 2, 2022

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Jul 2, 2022


Adelaide Contemporary Experimental


Lion Arts Factory, North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000

Textile artist Kasia Tons explores themes of identity, mental health and connection in her practice and is interested in how masks and disguises can allow the wearer to hide or amplify parts of their personality or take on external personae’s. In this workshop Kasia will guide participants through the process of creating a mask or disguise, using hand stitching techniques, beading, embroidery and applique.  Each participant will leave the workshop with a textile mask they have created and, if they wish, a photo of them wearing their disguise.  
Hand embroidery is at the heart of Kasia’s practice and is incorporated into almost everything she makes. Participants can choose whether they explore this or opt for less time-consuming methods of decoration, depending on what they want to achieve. Participants are encouraged to bring along objects or materials they want to use in their mask. This can be chosen based on the meaning or significance of the object or based purely on the look or aesthetics of the object.  

For this in-person workshops participants must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. 

Full price: $89.00
Concession/ACE Associate: $69.00


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