Salamanca Arts Centre

Unintended Consequences

New abstract works by Haetaek Choi comprising of a combination of Automatism, Serendipitous, coincidental expression and Eastern calligraphy.


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Aug 30, 2022

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Sep 5, 2022


Sidespace Gallery @ Salamanca Arts Centre


77 Salamanca Place, Battery Point TAS, Australia

Through subconscious, automatic acts of creativity, l strive to express how one is able to visually put to canvas the subconscious visual reality that comes to mind without meticulous planning. Through brush strokes, this instant interpretation of the chaotic unconscious world explores the concept of automatism.

Serendipitous, coincidental expressionism
A coincidence is contrary to logos-centred rational thinking. This form of expression combined with automatism produces surprisingly serendipitous artistic results. Although I commence my artwork with a certain image or purpose in mind, I can’t help but accept the end result because it is a result of the convergence between the intentional and unintended.

Eastern calligraphy 
Amongst the oriental style of brushstrokes, the calligraphy handwriting, which is called  "chaucer", is a tool where one communicates a clear linguistic message. The varied strength of the brushwork on the canvas however, results in an amazing pictorial image that can be left to further creative interpretation.

“When the three visual elements of Automatism, Serendipity and Eastern calligraphy are combined, I float colours, blend and permeate the paint on canvas, which draws out the contrast between primary and complementary colours.”
– Haetaek Choi, Hobart, September 2022


Tuesday 30 August – Monday 5 September 2022
10:00am – 5:00pm daily

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