Willoughby City Council

Tracks and Traces

An exhibition of abstract landscape paintings by Deirdre Hart.


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Event Starts

Jun 15, 2022

Event Ends

Jul 3, 2022


Incinerator Art Space


2 Small Street, Willoughby NSW, Australia

Exhibition Dates: 15 June – 3 July 2022

Open Hours:
10am – 4pm, Wednesday to Sunday

An exhibition of abstract landscape paintings by Deirdre Hart.

This exhibition is inspired by the Australian environment, particularly Sydney’s bushland reserves; unique pockets of the original landscape which have survived urban development. Deirdre Hart is drawn to these places which provide a portal into a natural, almost unchanged, timeless world. Observing the textures, shapes, colours and light, the confluence of land and water, tracks etched by natural forces, traces and fragments which remain, Hart records her impressions by sketching or taking photographs. Back in her studio, these evolve into paintings which capture the mood and essence of place and her response to it. She works in an abstract style using acrylic and mixed media on paper and canvas.

Image: Deirdre Hart, Mangrove Track (detail), 2022, acrylic on board

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