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They Shoot Poets Don’t They – FUNDRAISER FOR MYANMAR

PEN Melbourne fundraiser for the poets and writers of PEN Myanmar

Performances & Gigs

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Performances & Gigs

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May 28, 2022

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May 28, 2022


La Mama Courthouse


349 Drummond Street, Carlton VIC, Australia

Join PEN Melbourne and meet people from Myanmar who support the resistance to the February 2021 military coup in their homeland. They will read poems and writings by writers in Myanmar.
The coup brutally deposed Myanmar’s democratically elected parliament and continues to impose its rule through shocking levels of violence against its own people, mounting a ruthless campaign of terror against Myanmar’s civil society and targeting anyone who peacefully expresses their opposition to dictatorship.
Poets and writers, whose words have come to symbolise the people’s struggle against dictatorship, have been subjected to some of the most egregious levels of violence carried out by junta forces.

“Picking off new shoots will not stop the spring.”

Content warning: Readings may talk about the violence in Myanmar

Featuring Michelle Aung Thin, Maykyel Winn, Anna Takluem, Kyi May, Chris Lwin, and others

Image by Arnold Zable
(with thanks to Anna Takluem)

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