La Mama

The Measure of a Moment

A soulful reimagining of 1890s Melbourne.

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Performing Arts Guide

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Sep 27, 2022

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Oct 2, 2022


La Mama Courthouse


349 Drummond Street, Carlton VIC, Australia

Take up a seat here,

Play me a tune.

Lost you to history,

Reunite soon.

In a time of Boom, Depression and Rebirth, a young banker yearns to become a bohemian and befriends a musician. As their friendship develops, they come to terms with a changing world and the challenges of addiction.

Travel back to the days of Marvellous Melbourne. Encounter the opium dens, street hustlers, corrupt land banks and the wild Australian Bush. With an ensemble of 8, The Measure of a Moment explores the themes of youth, duty, self-destruction and grief. It includes an original score and songs.

Content Warning: Haze

Writer/Producer: Charles Mercovich

Director: Robert Johnson

Composer: Louis Ajani

Set Designer: Riley Tapp

Lighting Designer/Operator: Tim Bonser

Costume Designer: Amy Oakes

Props: Erica Moffit

Performed by: Asher Griffith-Jones, Jordan Chodziesner, Carissa McPherson, Darren Mort, Claire Duncan, Liliana Dalton, Abigail Pettigrew & Luke Toniolo.

Image by Darren Gill


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