Flinders University Museum of Art

The Guildhouse Collections Project: After the Fall

Featuring Elyas Alavi, Kate O’Boyle and Louise Haselton. Curated by Alice Clanachan.


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Jul 25, 2022

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Sep 16, 2022

After the Fall features new work created in response to the Flinders University Museum of Art collection of European prints. It is inspired by a 19th century print by British artist John Martin (1789-1854) that illustrates the biblical story of Adam and Eve who were banished by God from the Garden of Eden for their transgressions, corrupting humanity and bringing sin to the world. Engaging with the idea of the Fall though historical representations of chaos, depravity and civilisations in ruins, artists draw out connections in their practices to contemplate human and environmental challenges defining the 21st century.

Responding to FUMA’S European Print Collection, this project is a partnership between Guildhouse and Flinders University Museum of Art, and is supported by Arts South Australia.

Artists: Elyas Alavi, Kate O’Boyle and Louise Haselton
Curator: Alice Clanachan

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