Tell Me I'm Here

The life-changing memoir, now a breathtaking play.

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Performances & Gigs

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Aug 20, 2022

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Sep 25, 2022


Belvoir Street Theatre


17 Kirk St

On publication thirty years ago, Anne Deveson’s raw and moving family memoir Tell Me I’m Here became an instant classic, catapulting conversations about mental health to the mainstream. And now, in a superb adaptation, it comes to the Belvoir mainstage from 20th August to 25th September.


Anne’s life – the familiar juggle of marriage, career, emotions, chaos – is thrown off-balance when her son Jonathan begins speaking oddly, standing strangely, flashing into irrationality and rage. Is it just a phase, part of growing up?


The years pass, and Anne’s son has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. But putting a name to it is one thing – getting attention, getting help is another. Even the strongest families, the most steadfast parents, buckle under such stress.


SANE Australia, a charity founded by Anne Deveson which supports all people in Australia affected by complex mental health issues, is proud to partner with Belvoir on Tell Me I’m Here. 


For more information on SANE or to access support services, you can visit https://www.sane.org/ or call the Helpline on 1800 187 263.

For more information visit https://belvoir.com.au/productions/tell-me-im-here/