Speak Percussion

Scream Star

Three daring collisions of sound and screen, mashed-up projection and percussion from composers Matthew Shlomowitz, Johannes Kreidler and Jessie Marino.

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Performances & Gigs

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Aug 18, 2022

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Aug 21, 2022


Arts House


521 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne VIC, Australia

Speak Percussion commissioned three wunderkind composers to create Scream Star – a remarkable live music performance collision of sound and screen with mashed-up projection and percussion. 

Scream Star marks the first collaboration between the compositional voices of Matthew Shlomowitz, Johannes Kreidler and Jessie Marino, who have an impressive track record of integrating screen-based media into live performances.

From canned laughter to green screens, foley artists to house bands, this trio of unexpected works digs deep into the visual unconscious shared by anyone raised on a diet of TV and film. 

Australian, London-based composer, Matthew Shlomowitz creates an imaginary variety show: Hey Hey It’s Tuesday and plays with crowd reactions from televised studio audiences by giving them a new context that emphasises genuine and manufactured responses. 

German composer, Johannes Kreidler exploits and reassemble the green screen in head-spinning ways where space and time are dislocated, animated and split apart.

Jessie Marino is from Long Island in New York. Her piece dazzles with lights, haze, screens and blinds to produce a kaleidoscopic riot of light and sound.

Scream Star is playful and wildly imaginative. Percussionists: Eugene Ughetti, Kaylie Melville and Hamish Upton have agency to create a fun sonic experiment full of drama and delirium.

Speak Percussion Artistic Director, Eugene Ughetti says “Scream Star is a dream project – it brings together three of the world’s most fascinating compositional voices in new music.”

“Conceptually and aesthetically these three works push percussion practice into some very fertile and exciting territory which I can’t wait to share with our audience,” said Ughetti.

Full of drama and delirium, Scream Star is proof that Speak Percussion sits at the leading edge of sonic experimentation in Australia today.

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