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Pure Form: Japanese sculptural ceramics

Today Japan is home to one of the most dynamic and innovative ceramics cultures in the world.


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The infinite capacity of Japanese ceramicists to create is matched only by their limitless pursuit of technical perfection. A prominent part of this culture are abstract, sculptural ceramics which display the expressive potential of clay.

Pure form: Japanese sculptural ceramics is a major exhibition that presents the complex narrative of Japanese ceramics which took place in the aftermath of the Second World War and its continuing resonance with contemporary practitioners. The revolution in clay which liberated future generations of ceramicists also gave rise to the first generation of female practitioners who injected a vital new energy and perspective into the ceramics culture of Japan.

Pure form presents this compelling story through a kaleidoscopic array of earthenware, stoneware and porcelain created from the late 1940s to the present day and includes more than 100 works by over 65 ceramicists from public and private collections across Australia.

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