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Online: Editing for Writers with Pamela Hewitt

This six-week online editing course with Pamela Hewitt is aimed at writers of fiction and non-fiction who wish to develop their editing skills and techniques.

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Workshops & Courses

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Sep 19, 2022

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Oct 28, 2022

You’ve written the end on the last page of your manuscript. Now what?

This online editing course with Pamela Hewitt walks you through the next part of the journey.

We analyse structural, style and presentational problems, exploring strategies to improve them. We go behind the scenes, demystifying the editing process and providing practical techniques for taking your text to the next stage of writing quality. We investigate the levels of editing, and how to identify and deal with common issues in unpublished manuscripts. We also take a realistic look at trends in editing for digital publishing. You will return to your manuscript with new eyes and fresh ideas.

Using practical examples and sample texts, participants will learn what is needed to present a professional manuscript in a competitive and globalised publishing industry. Participants of Online: Editing for Writers will also receive resources for further skill development and weekly feedback on course topics.

For more information visit https://writingnsw.org.au/whats-on/courses/online-editing-for-writers-2022/