Motion Sickness - Rachel Tunaley

A ridiculous anecdotal cabaret about the not-so-glam reality of solo travelling featuring original bangers and (tragically) true stories.

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Performances & Gigs

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Apr 8, 2024 17:30

Event Ends

Apr 14, 2024 18:25


The Butterfly Club


5 Carson Place, Melbourne VIC, Australia

Car? Crashed. Job? Sacked. Bags? Packed – did someone say ‘Euro Summer!?’

Rachel lives her life in the fast lane – that is until a life-changing car accident sends her into a fashionably early quarter life crisis. The result? The trip of a lifetime babyyy!

Motion Sickness is an uproarious anecdotal cabaret featuring original bangers by critically acclaimed performer and writer Rachel Tunaley.

The explosive show takes you through Rachel’s most prominent ‘spew’ ups and her totally original decision to travel Europe solo so she can ‘find herself’ or at least ‘fix herself’. If only she could stop vomiting on every plane, train and boat ride then maybe she’d finally get her hot girl summerrrr!

Turns out when you try to run away from your life, it’ll always find a way to come back up to the surface (like that dirty kebab you ate at 5am after leaving Revs… “Someone hold my hair back!”)

‘Legendary.’ ★★★★½ Hugging Comedians

‘Tunaley almost quite literally explodes onto the Melbourne comedy scene.’ Theatre Thoughts

‘Tightly wound original songs and wry asides.’ Australian Arts Review

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