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Mish Wittrup: Soy Fat White

A girl rocks up at a cafe. A stranger offers to buy her a coffee. How dare he!

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Jul 8, 2022

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Jul 8, 2022


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231 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC, Australia

Doesn’t he know she’s wildly independent, painfully lonely, profoundly horny, desperately seeking attention, incapable of a relationship and totally down-to-earth?

Soy Fat White is essentially the inner ramblings of a 30-something that should really be a 20-something but somehow she lost about 10 years of her life to sex, men, bad movies and minimum wage office jobs.

Mish Wittrup is a writer/comedian/podcaster from Melbourne. She recently completed her first ever solo show Soy Fat White at Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2022, where she was met with multiple 5 star reviews and was nominated for Best Newcomer.

Proudly supported by Melbourne International Comedy Festival

“Mish Wittrup’s first solo show, Soy Fat White, is nothing short of a triumph” – Funny Tone
“Wittrup is a mesmerising performer with the presence to have the audience hanging on her every disarmingly frank word” – Chortle

Nominee – Best Newcomer, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2022

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