SALA Festival

Masterclass in Classical Realism led by Rob Gutteridge

Masterclass in Classical Realism – the role of percept and concept in academic life drawing.


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Aug 26, 2022

Event Ends

Aug 26, 2022


SALA Hub / Queens Theatre


Gilles Arcade, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

In this Masterclass, students responding to the figure will be shown how realist drawings are developed in a skills-based training atelier. Drawings will begin with the perception of appearance, move through abstraction, and cycle back again to the figure. 

Gutteridge’s paintings and drawings have a strong focus on the human body and on clouds, using classical realist techniques. Explore the role of percept and concept in academic life drawing with a maser of anatomy, structure and form. 

Best suited to participants that have some experience with fundamentals of life drawing.

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