Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

Jamming with Strangers

An exhibition highlighting music communities as spaces of intimacy, nourishment, and social connection


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Event Starts

Dec 4, 2021

Event Ends

Feb 27, 2022


Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre


1 Powerhouse Road, Casula NSW, Australia

What does it feel like to connect with people through music?

Jamming with Strangers highlights music communities as spaces of intimacy, nourishment, and social connection. By focusing on these intimate relationships, the exhibition reveals the role creative communities play in influencing broader social cohesion.

Jamming with Strangers incorporates new artworks commissions, workshops, and live events.

Featuring works by established and emerging artists, including: Carla & Lisa Wherby, David McDiarmid, Gillian Kayrooz, Joanne Saad, Julian Day, Kerry Toomey, Kevin Diallo, Ladstreet, Leila el Rayes & Justine Youssef, My Le Thi & Azo Bell, Tina Havelock Stevens and Troy-Anthony Baylis

The exhibition will also include a section collaboratively curated with leaders of the Western Sydney Ballroom scene Jamaica Moana and Xander Khoury. This section includes iconic costumes from the local Ballroom community, and will artworks by Ballroom artists, including: Blu Jay, Billy Kephavong & Fetu Taku, Joshua Taliani and Māhia aka Kaos.

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