Into the Everywhen: Group Exhibition

The exhibition expresses the philosophy of the Everywhen, bringing a sensory reminder of what Always Was, and Always Will Be.


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Event Starts

Jul 2, 2022

Event Ends

Sep 3, 2022

Artists & Curators

Shaun Allen, Dylan Charles, Eden Fiske, Tiarna Herczeg, Kiernan Ironfield, Cassie Leatham, Jahkarli Romanis & Shahn Stewart. Curated by Shahn Stewart and Eden Fiske of Alchemy Orange.


‘Everywhen’ refers to the spirit manifested at any or all times, represented in the living land, culture and creativity of First Nations people. It is an expression of what has otherwise been labelled ‘the Dreaming’ and is a denial of the linear narrative inherent in settler time/histories.

In the words of Dr Stephen Gilchrist, a Yamatji curator and theorist: “The Dreaming does not merely preserve the past. Rather, it speaks of the eternal becoming. It is the totality of Indigenous knowledge and its future potential, made alive through both its immediate and continuing transmission. Gesturing insistently towards the future, the Dreaming pushes ancestral memory into the present.”

Into the Everywhen is a rumination on this idea, with the exhibited works functioning as a testament to the myriad creative forces of contemporary Aboriginal art and philosophy.

By subjugating western notions of time and instead employing Aboriginal perspectives, we as a collective, are able to see our surroundings and the cultures of this island land with clarity, as multitudinous and ever present.

This exhibition is a space in which people with Aboriginal heritage take charge of their own narrative, drawing deeply from the rich and multifaceted wellspring of Indigenous knowledge and creativity. Where the hierarchies of craft and fine art are broken down in lieu of something more honest.

The diverse range of mediums and modes of expression within this exhibition articulate and embody the philosophy of the Everywhen, bringing a sensory reminder of what Always Was, and Always Will Be.

Shahn Stewart is an interdisciplinary artist whose decade-long experience as a florist has evolved into a contemporary floristry style that channels many influences, including her proud Yorta Yorta heritage. Through her craft, she expresses both creative possibilities in organic architecture as well as the deep importance of connecting to culture and working with sustainable materials to heal Country.

Shahn is the owner and founder of Alchemy Orange, a First Nations owned and operated business dedicated to expressing the beauty and possibilities that exist on Aboriginal land through floral art and collaboration.

Eden Fiske is a curator, writer and painter. His practices are driven by a continued exploration into alternative histories and the fact of Aboriginal sovereignty in Country, creativity and the self. In an attempt to pull apart the narrative of Australian art histories, he displays the complexity of physical and spiritual identities and connection to place. This is informed partially by exploring his own mixed Aboriginal and settler heritage. Eden seeks to address the ways in which language, gesture, aesthetics and memory coalesce inter-culturally between Aboriginal/settler histories in art and in oneself to create a holistic image of something/someone tactile.

Eden makes up the second half of Alchemy Orange.

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