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In Conversation: Liz Williamson & Dr Alison Gwilt

Join Liz Williamson in conversation with Dr Alison Gwilt as they explore local colour, cultural connections, and shared weaving traditions.

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Artist Talks

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Aug 6, 2022

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Aug 6, 2022


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Crn of Oxford St and Greens Rd

Join In Conversation: Liz Williamson and Dr Alison Gwilt as they disscuss the local colour, cultural connections, and shared weaving traditions explored in the collaborative Weaving Eucalypts Project.

Liz Williamson has been weaving since the late 1970s and is still fascinated with the potential of interlacing two sets of threads at her loom. Recent weavings have referenced the tradition of woven rag rugs, the repair of cloth and the idea of ‘making do’, with many woven with materials coloured by locally sourced eucalyptus and plant dyes.

Dr Alison Gwilt is a fashion design researcher and Associate Professor at UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture.

Presented in conjunction with Liz Williamson: Weaving Eucalypts Project at UNSW Galleries, 18 June – 14 August 2022.

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