Family Micro:Bit Cardboard Robots

A family-friendly coding and crafting workshop

School Holiday Activities

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School Holiday Activities

Event Starts

Jul 6, 2024

Event Ends

Jul 21, 2024


Powerhouse Castle Hill


172 Showground Road, Castle Hill NSW, Australia

Build, code and keep a cardboard crab using your very own BBC micro:bit. It won’t nip anyone and it’s an engineering stepping stone. The micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer which introduces physical computing and coding using a block-like interface.

Intergenerational groups will learn the basics of coding and will be guided through each step, building the cardboard crab, coding its movement and testing their creation.

This 2-hour family-friendly workshop is designed to encourage conversations between young learners and adults that will establish a framework for learning to continue at home with your new micro:bit pocket computer.

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