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Distorted Chemistry Alternative Processes Workshop

Learn the fascinating process of chemigrams in a single weekend!


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Jul 27, 2024

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Jul 28, 2024


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30 Manuka Circle, Griffith ACT, Australia

Over a weekend, alternative processes expert Gabrielle Hall-Lomax will teach you the enchanting process of creating chemigram prints combined with digital manipulation to enhance the chemically strange and eclectic nature of the prints created.

Chemigrams are a form of camera-less photography where one can paint with various products (such as oil, varnishes, honey, etc.) on the surface of photographic paper and expose them to light to create unique images. The products applied create chemical reactions and distort light, producing individualistic happenings and chance occurrences.

By manipulating the surface of the photographic paper and scanning the image to distort further via Photoshop, you will make images that actively shift between analogue and digital to consider the differences between these technologies for capturing light and manipulating images. In the workshop participants will create original images using both techniques. The resulting images will then be used in the creation of new images by combining the two technologies.

This workshop is a great way to experience the many facets of darkroom printing while also engaging with the processes of digital photography. Darkroom experience is not required and all levels of photographic skill are welcomed!

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