Running Dock Studio

Crazy. Funny. Beautiful.

A Queenslanders Sydney affair. A snapshot exhibition showcasing the best Running Duck Studio elements; the crazy, funny, and beautiful.


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Event Starts

Sep 3, 2022

Event Ends

Sep 28, 2022


Exhibiting in a boutique space that is all about sharing and supporting the arts; The Bondi Art Lounge. The queen of Black ink, expressing emotion and movement, the power of simplicity.

This exhibition showcases illustrations expressing the special moments in our lives. A little bit of cheeky Aussie humour, and a touch of whimsy, for that light-hearted place in your soul, just when you need it.

The free will of the ink as it splashes almost with its own agenda, shaping the artwork into something with a sense of freedom and emotion. There tends to be an aspect of cartoon in most works, shaped by the years spent drawing for Walt Disney Animation Australia.

I am very fortunate to be able to utilize a new pop-up gallery space “The Bondi Art Loungeā€. A boutique space that is all about sharing and supporting the arts.

Reconnecting with my place of birth, and reigniting my love for this beautiful city and the passion to share what I love doing.

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