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Catherine Alcorn & Phil Scott 30 Something

AUS | Adelaide Premiere Politics, The Great Depression, booze - and that’s just in the dressing room!

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Jun 10, 2022

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Jun 12, 2022


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King William St, Adelaide Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia

Step back in time to New Year’s Eve,1939 in Bohemia Kings Cross: the heart of Sydney’s underworld. 30 Something trips back to the speak-easier days through an immersive celebration of the golden-era’s delights, reimagined contemporary classics and one hell of a party!

Maestro of mischief, Phil Scott, and powerhouse canary, Catherine Alcorn, reunite for a thrilling joyride back to their 18-karat lounge act, as we count down to the end of an incredible era. Wash it down with a heady cocktail of politics and booze as Scott and Alcorn unapologetically celebrate our history: how far we’ve come – and how far we haven’t!

Delicious! Alcorn and Scott turn out to be hilarious solo and together and a musical partnership made in heaven.Stage Noise

Photo credit: Phil Erbacher

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