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Cassandra TYTLER | Soiled

'Soiled' showcases the creative works of Cassandra TYTLER


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Mar 14, 2024 17:00

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Apr 17, 2024 16:00


Edith Cowan University | Gallery25


2 Bradford Street, Mount Lawley WA, Australia

Soiled is a series of artworks that incorporate video art with performance, speculative documentary practice, and sculptural assemblages. The artworks function as a series of ‘soil acts’ that foster understanding of the complex interrelationships between humans, soil, and dirt. It examines how social narratives of what is soiled and what is pure reinforce hierarchies of race, gender, and society. In this tapestry of soil relations, an evolving narrative is created, where time, place, politics, and bodies intertwine with the substance of the ground.

Soiled takes a critical approach to an essentialist idea of ‘nature’ that is disconnected and divided from humans. It looks to digital art as a resistant and speculative tool that challenges externalising classification practices alongside the human/non-human binary. Instead of viewing the environment as a resource for extracting life and capital from, the artworks in Soiled seek to expand the idea of soil and dirt as part of an ecology of being.

To quote Mary Douglas, dirt is “matter out of place” (1966) that is socially and culturally constructed. Those who do not live within normative socially sanctioned confines are dirty and therefore out of place and a threat to the status quo. Within our social structures of ordering and discarding, some groups are dirtier than others due to hierarchies of classification. Following this thinking, Max Liboiron tells us that “where there is a system of power, there are necessarily rejected elements (or dirt), and one way to investigate systems is by studying what they reject, abject, and oppress” (2019). The artworks within Soiled wrestle with the problematics of this politics of purity and by extension, our separation from the environment, which helps contribute to the climate emergency that we now face.

Through a speculative imaginary, the aim of Soiled is to present hope, critique, and warning. These works aim to pull the viewer otherwise, on a different trajectory.

Opening: Thursday 14 March 2024 5pm–7pm 

Exhibition dates: 15 March to 17 April

Floor talk: Wednesday 20 March 12:30pm–1:30pm

Gallery opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 10am–4pm

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Images are Courtesy of the Artist and are stills from, Cassandra TYTLER, It will not be pure, 2024, Video.


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