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C41 Colour Film Processing Workshop

Colour development is not a daunting process! It’s quite straightforward, especially once you learn all the tips and tricks of the trade in this one-day workshop.


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Event Starts

Aug 7, 2024 18:00

Event Ends

Aug 7, 2024 21:00


photo access


30 Manuka Circle, Griffith ACT, Australia

We’ll talk all about shooting in colour, the chemistry behind colour developing, the best ways to control temperature in the darkroom and at home and how to shift your colours for troubleshooting and for effect. You’ll get to develop your first colour (or black and white C-41) film on the day with the guidance of one of our experienced and knowledgeable tutors.

Once the rolls are dry, we will give you a detailed negative scanning tutorial so you will have all the basics of colour film processing under your belt! By the end of the day, you’ll be more than confident with the simple and fool-proof C-41 (colour) process. You will hopefully start shooting more C-41 and feel knowledgeable about the process and scanning the negatives.

Darkroom experience is helpful, but this workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to learn!

As always when working in the darkroom we do recommend you wear long sleeves and long pants, while covered shoes are mandatory. All other protective gear such as gloves, eye masks and protective aprons will be provided.

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