Incinerator Gallery

Barriletes de Nuestro Futuro (Kites from Our Future)

Incinerator Gallery exhibition by artist Juan Rodriguez Sandoval.


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Dec 1, 2023

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Jan 21, 2024


Incinerator Gallery


180 Holmes Rd, Aberfeldie VIC, Australia

Barriletes de Nuestro Futuro (Kites from Our Future)

1 December 2023 – 21 January 2024

Artist(s): Juan Rodriguez Sandoval

Location: The Atrium

This exhibition takes form as an artist-led community project, celebrating the profound and rich Guatemalan tradition of kite making. In the spirit of unity and cultural exchange, artist Juan Rodriguez Sandoval invites the community of Moonee Valley and beyond to partake in the art of kite making and the joy of launching these creations through the skies of Wurundjeri Country.

The project aspires to challenge and reshape Australian curriculum by reimagining the role of kite making in fostering community bonds and advocating for social change.

Inspired by the exuberant Day of the Dead festivities in Sumpango, Saquatepequez, where kites dance in colourful splendour, this exhibition pays homage to the folklore and artistry of kite crafting, rooted in eco-centric principles using salvaged and recycled materials.

These kites transcend the physical realm, serving as vessels of liberation and resistance against post-Spanish and Western influences imposed upon Guatemalan society. They boldly voice opposition to the corruption within the Guatemalan government, while also forging a profound connection to ancestral spirits, guiding them on their journey to the afterlife.

Each kite is a testament to post-colonial resilience, safeguarding a timeless and prolific tradition, and standing as a symbol of enduring cultural heritage.

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