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Art + Connect

Connect with the visual arts at your community organisation—embark on an Art + Connect tour in the Gallery or bring Geelong Gallery to you.


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Jan 16, 2023

Event Ends

Dec 20, 2023

A tailored Gallery experience for people of all ages with a disability or specific access needs. Facilitated group-based discussions, encourage looking and connecting ideas in works of art in the Gallery’s permanent collection—placing value on the participants’ own personal responses.

Duration: 40 minutes

For further information on all programs please contact Learning and Audience Engagement Manager Elishia Furet at

Special exhibition-related Art + Connect workshops are also available.

Art + Connect: outreach
Geelong Gallery will visit your community organisation, aged care facility, or nursing home to facilitate group-based discussions, looking at works of art from the Gallery’s permanent collection. The program promotes health and well-being through visual and intellectual stimulation for people who are affected by barriers of access to arts, culture and learning activities due to factors of mobility, economic disadvantage and social context, transportation, mental health and isolation.

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