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Abstract Art Workshop - Light and Darkness: Expression of the Soul

International guest artist Loïs Lanoix will guide participants through the intricate language of luminosity and shadow as a conduit for soulful expression.


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Event Starts

Mar 17, 2024 16:00

Event Ends

Mar 17, 2024 19:00


VAS Gallery


430 Albert Street East Melbourne Vic 3002

Loïs Lanoix’s workshop, “Light and Darkness: Expression of the Soul,” offers a profound exploration of the emotional and symbolic dimensions within her abstract artistry.

Delving into the interplay of luminosity and shadow, by color and their intensity and vibrancy, Loïs guides participants through the intricate language of light as a conduit for soulful expression. The session unveils the nuanced techniques employed in her work, emphasizing the evocative power of contrasting elements.

Participants will gain insights into the profound symbolism of light and darkness, dissecting their role as metaphors for the human experience. Loïs shares her artistic journey, revealing how personal growth and diverse cultural influences shape her creative narrative. Aspiring artists will discover the transformative potential of translating internal emotions into visual poetry, unlocking the mysteries of the soul through the brushstrokes of color gradations.

This workshop promises to be an illuminating exploration of the profound connection between artistic expression and the human spirit.

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