Festival of Voices


Festival of Voices celebrates the benefits of singing & music – drawing in 30k people from around Tasmania, interstate, & overseas since 2005.

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Festivals & Programs

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Jun 28, 2024

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Jul 7, 2024


Multiple locations around Tasmania

Celebrating the transformative power of singing


And now our voices can be heard, and our fire can be seen from far and wide


Festival of Voices celebrates the transformative power of singing that brings people together. Inspired by the age-old tradition of gathering around a fire, this Tasmanian winter event series has become Australia’s leading singing celebration. 

Since the first Festival in 2005, our series of events has become a symbol of warmth and community, drawing 30,000 people during the Festival period. The Big Sing Bonfire, where it all began, remains a vital part of the Festival, symbolising the joy and vitality of singing together. The program includes various music styles, including choral, contemporary, and cabaret, attracting music lovers worldwide. 

Experience Festival of Voices with opportunities to attend concerts, participate in learning and development sessions, and engage in informal singalongs. It’s an immersive blend of entertainment and education, ensuring a well-rounded celebration where all can enjoy a shared passion for singing.


Our full program for the 2024 Festival will be announced in early April, but don’t wait until then to book your trip to Tasmania and enjoy this uniquely participatory series of events! 


Visit https://festivalofvoices.com/ to purchase tickets or to learn more. 


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