The 'M' word every filmmaker needs to know

For the budding filmmaker and media-creator Metro Screen says there's one word that really counts.
The 'M' word every filmmaker needs to know

IGMI on set, image courtesy of Metro Screen 

Metro Screen, one of New South Wales’ leading independent screen learning and development hubs, has thirty years of experience offering a range of training and courses for industry professionals along with first-time and emerging filmmakers, multimedia and game developers.

That experience has convinced Learning and Development Coordinator at Metro Screen Pete Ireland that there is one word that really counts when it comes to building a screen career: momentum.

‘It all comes back to why study? Which is something that we try and ask a lot here,’ said Ireland. ‘We look at the 'm' word. The 'm' word everyone in their early career as a film-maker needs to know- which is momentum. The idea for us is this is a very key concept when you're fist starting out in your career as a film-maker. Often times the hardest thing is to get the boulder moving’.

Metro Screen both initiates and fosters this sense of momentum, by offering a wide range of courses, both specialised and general, to instill into students the necessary scope of skills needed to get a successful career in the film and media industry started. 

Offering short courses, workshops as well as Certificate IV and Advanced Diploma, Metro Screen offers a tailored training program to adapt to each students individual preference and career direction.

'In order to wear more hats you have to have a broad subject matter knowledge. It's one of those things that short courses offer by laser targeting a particular focus,' said Ireland. 

Metro Screen offers short courses in camera and lighting, screenwriting, production management, directing, editing, sound, sustainable screen, colour grading and multi-platform, as well as in specialized fields such as animation, documentaries and even Bollywood and producing television episodic content. 

Upcoming seminar hosted by Metro Screen, ‘How I got My Career in Screen and Media’ will give emerging filmmakers and multimedia-creators a source of inspiration on how to achieve their ultimate goal, with a discussion panel of professional screen industry practitioners and experts to talk about how they started out and what was helpful to them along the way.

‘Our mission is basically to support and empower film-makers and story tellers. That's our gig,’ said Ireland.

Diploma of Screen & Media
Application open, close 15 December 2014

How I Got My Career in Screen & Media
Metro Screen Studios, Corner of Oxford St and Oatley Rd, Paddington
6 pm, 6 November 2014

To apply for a course, register for the seminar or for more information visit Metro Screen.

Tara Watson

Thursday 30 October, 2014

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