Accelerate your creativity this summer at AFTRS

Are you looking to expand your creative talents? Do you want to skill-up in your career? The Australian Film Television and Radio School’s Summer Intensives are what you’ve been looking for.
Accelerate your creativity this summer at AFTRS

AFTRS’s Summer Intensives.

If you’re looking to expand your burgeoning skill-set, the Summer Intensives program at Australia's national screen and broadcast school, AFTRS, could be the creative kick-start you need.

Wendy Gray, Head of AFTRS Open, said one reason why the Summer Intensives are so popular is due in part to the sector winding down at this time.


‘Summer is a slightly less busy time for creatives in the industry. People can take time-out. Either their production is finished or their contract is finished, they have a bit more time to devote to their career development. In some cases we have people who travel interstate or from regional areas,' Gray said.

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Taught by professionals with years of experience in the industry, the Intensives focus – as their name suggests – on specific skills and techniques.

‘The reason that AFTRS has been so successful is that we are very involved in the industry,’ said Gray. ‘Industry has a lot of input in what we offer in terms of the courses that we run. All our teachers are Industry professionals. All the courses that are being offered in the Summer Intensives are being run by the professionals who all work and are experts in those fields.

‘They’re not just academics or teachers,’ she stressed, ‘they are also part of the industry. It does make it very valuable for people. Not only are they getting up-to-date relevant knowledge; they are meeting people in the industry and they’re making contacts. There is a lot of networking that goes on within the courses.’

Gray said she is always pleased by the positive feedback received at the end of the Intensives.

‘People become really immersed and very involved … They come away at the end saying ”It’s really made me think differently in how I approach my work,” or “It’s really excited me creatively”. One of the best parts of my job is reading the feedback forms and knowing people got so much out of it.’


AFTRS courses will enable you to upgrade particular skill-sets while providing hands-on experience. The duration of each course varies from five days to three weeks. Some of this summer’s highlights are:

Three Week Film School

Fast-track your filmmaking skills while using professional equipment and studios. Running: 27 November – 15 December.

Short Film Screenwriting Intensive

Take your stories from initial idea through treatment and draft stage, to a finished, polished script ready to be pitched. Running: 8-12 January.

Multiplatform Story & Design Intensive

Learn how to enhance your audience’s satisfaction with a product or experience. Running: 27 November – 1 December.

Videomaking 101

Learn to shoot, edit and upload your own short videos to your website. Running: 4-8 December.

Prop making & Scenic Art Intensive

Learn the practical skills required for scenic art/set finishing techniques and prop making for film and television productions. Running: 5-9 February.

Feature Documentary Intensive

Get serious about your feature length documentary and get started following industry standards. Running: 5-9 February.

Screen Business Intensive

Learn the fundamentals of setting up and building a sustainable creative business. Running: 15-19 February.

Digital Producing Intensive  

Get the inside scoop on how digital producers manage and update multimedia content for websites, social media, mobile and more. Running: 29 January – 2 February.

TV Editing Intensive

Learn Avid Media Composer, the non-linear editing application used extensively in most movie and television productions. Running: 8-19 January.

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