JMC offers future-focused course in digital design

For a new generation of digital designers, JMC’s course enables students to put their best foot forward in expansive technology.
JMC offers future-focused course in digital design

Diploma of Digital Design, image courtesy of JMC Academy. 

Remaining on the cutting edge of the future of design, Australian institution JMC Academy offers a bachelor and diploma in Digital Design at the Sydney campus. Courses explore design processes including research, ideation, sketching, prototyping, and delivering a digital solution, while also giving students the opportunity to learn the basics of creating mobile applications, typography and user experience they need to launch their careers.

Rahul Nath, Head of Digital Design at JMC Academy, who has a Bachelor of Industrial & Product Design and a Master of Design, states that the course offers competitive training grounded in real world understanding.

‘What we try to do differently is to build these extra elements and really focus on them for the future. Concentrating on emerging technology and looking at the things that describe spaces and experiences, I don't think in the other courses I surveyed when developing this course bring in these kind of digitally active spaces,' said Nath. 'They are a little more backward, looking towards print design. We are a lot more forward thinking'.

In undertaking this course students are equipped with the design tools to transform ideas into concepts that can not only be visualised but touched or heard, in an active user experience.

‘At its core it’s about web, apps, experiences and spaces. So there is website design, app design, experience design, which is a central principle that runs throughout the whole course, mapping out entire user experience of a product or service and spatial design,’ said Nath. ‘Looking at how visual design can create this kind of visually interactive spaces’.

Within the creative hub at JMC Academy, collaboration with creative people such as animators, musicians and film and TV crews is key, the course tackles creative briefs and teaches students to sell concepts in studio based learning. Nath said that JMC Academy is looking for applicants have a love for design and the digital medium.

‘We are looking for individuals with an interest and passion for design. We are not just looking for someone that will come to us with a polished portfolio,’ said Nath. ‘We are just looking for someone that has already started to develop an interest in something digital or artistic or digital media, things like Pinterest, blogs and websites and want to take that interest and build it into a career’.

For more information or to apply visit JMC Academy website or view design conversations with Devotion Digital below

Tara Watson

Thursday 26 February, 2015

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