Ready for Action: International Screen Academy

With a holistic approach to training, the International Screen Academy prepares students for the film and television industries.
Ready for Action: International Screen Academy

Image courtesy International Screen Academy. 

At Sydney’s International Screen Academy (ISA), it’s not all about treading the boards beneath the proscenium arch, as Co-Head of Acting Martin Harper explained. ‘Our two-year Advanced Diploma of Acting for Contemporary Screen Media is quite unique from courses offered by major institutions in that we directly focus on screen acting, and the skill set to be able to go straight into work in the film and television industry.’


With work on screen comprising the majority of most actors’ bread and butter, it’s a vocational approach that makes a lot of sense. While classical theatre training forms the basis of the acting curriculum, ISA builds on these techniques, focusing them for working in front of camera, imparting an understanding of the technology involved and how all the elements come together to create a piece of work. ‘We cover that early in the course, and then the students are able to start making their own work,’ said Harper. 

For those who prefer to remain behind the camera, ISA offers a two-year Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media, Film Delivery. Students focus on the various aspects of creating their own work, from production to budget negotiation to technical and practical skills – ‘all the aspects of creating a piece of work,’ Harper said. 

If animation is your passion, don’t go past ISA’s Advanced Diploma of Screen Media, Animation Delivery. For two years students are thoroughly trained in the creative and technical requirements of the animation and VFX industries, and supported through the development and production of their own projects. Harper explained that ‘these projects and your other course work will allow you to construct a portfolio that will demonstrate the best of you to industry recruiters.’ 

ISA is distinguished by the collaboration that occurs between the Animation, Acting and Film courses. Training connects at different points, giving students exposure to a raft of different techniques and experiences. ‘What we aim for, is an industry where everyone’s not as siloed. Students graduate with a holistic knowledge of working with other creatives in a supportive and professional learning environment. They’ll be ahead of the game from the time they graduate.’ 

Check out the Academy’s Open Day on 19 September, to join the ISA team and get ahead of the game.

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Chloe Wolifson

Thursday 25 June, 2015

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