Northern College of the Arts & Technology: A contemporary pathway

Dip your toe in, or take the plunge into the world of creativity and visual arts, at Northern College of the Arts & Technology.
Northern College of the Arts & Technology: A contemporary pathway

Image courtesy Northern College of the Arts and Technology. 

In the words of Program Manager Neil Davis, Northern College of the Arts and Technology (NCAT) takes pride in being ‘a pathway between secondary and tertiary education’. Programs operate within designated facilities, but the ideas flow across the Preston campus. ‘We encourage people to share resources and ideas, because we take a very broad contemporary view of art and design practice,’ said Davis. 


For those looking at taking a step into further art or design studies, the Folio Preparation course is for you. The course is ideal for students wishing to build a folio of work, or who are unsure as to which of the myriad of creative careers they’re best suited to. With a visual arts and design stream, a mix of practical and theoretical skills, and elective options suited to interests from concept art to communication design to sculpture, Folio Preparation has something for everyone ready to move up the creative ladder. 

PIC courses are for people who are passionate about photo imaging and analogue photography in particular. ‘PIC is one of the last photography courses continuing to offer facilities and experience in film-based camera use and colour darkrooms for analogue work, alongside digital practices, in designated photo studios,’ Davis explained. Where other educational institutions have abandoned analogue processes in favour of economical digital options, PIC offers a rare opportunity to learn the craft. 

Another course incorporating both traditional and new media is Create. The part-time course is perfect for mature-aged students looking to expand their skills into a career change. Create offers a mix of traditional studio and digital practices, mindful that many students may have undertaken previous training before the digital revolution. ‘It’s for those who think they’d like to either top up their skills or dip their toe in the water in the world of creativity and visual arts,’ said Davis. 

If one of NCAT’s wonderful courses has piqued your interest, why not avail yourself of the forthcoming Open Evening on Tuesday 11 August, or the information evening for later applicants on Tuesday 13 October? Davis explained that new students can be accommodated outside of standard tertiary semester enrolment times. ‘We really encourage people who might be interested to give us a ring. We can arrange tours, provide information packs, or just have a chat.’ The door of Northern College of the Arts and Technology is always open.

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Chloe Wolifson

Thursday 25 June, 2015

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