Don't Box Me In

Dedicated to making people in creative fields work-ready, Box Hill Institute has a course to turn your passion into a career.
Don't Box Me In

Image courtesy Box Hill Institute. 

Whether your passion is graphic design, music or fashion, Box Hill Institute has a course to turn your creativity into a career. Semester 2 begins on 13 July and includes the Diploma of Fashion, Certificate IV in Music, Diploma of Music, Bachelor of Applied Music Performance, and in Trimester 3, starting August, Certificate IV in Graphic Design. 

Ben Fitzgerald, Program Manager for Live Production, Theatre and Events, Graphic Design and Creative Industries at Box Hill Institute, emphasised the breadth of options available for those at every stage. 


‘With music performance, we cater for the whole range, from people who are not far off beginners, at the Certificate IV level, all the way through to diploma and degree.  In the fashion courses, there are a lot of options in terms of career pathways, because we have degrees in Fashion as well as Fashion Merchandising.’ 

A vocational focus underpins Box Hill’s philosophy. Our degrees are practical and skills based, and focussed on making people work-ready and giving them options to make a living from things they’re passionate about,’ Fitzgerald said. 

This support for passion is grounded in industry realities. ‘Obviously there are famous people in the creative arts, but for every one of those, there are a thousand people with great careers in the industry, but not necessarily as high profile. We understand that making a living in the creative arts is about building a portfolio career.’ 

The Institute facilitates this through accomplished teaching with a focus on technical skills as well as industry necessities such as networking advice. Coursework is supported by excellent facilities and technology, ranging from performance venues, to composition labs, to pattern cutting studios. End-of-year exhibitions, industry work placements and international study tours provide real-world experiences and opportunities. 

As Fitzgerald explained, the courses starting mid-year at Box Hill Institute are a chance to turn your creative passion into a real career. ‘Box Hill is very practical and focussed on getting students ready for the workforce. There are opportunities for fashion, graphic design and music performance, at all levels.’ Don’t allow yourself to stay boxed in – get to Box Hill Institute and check out all the options.

For more information, visit Box Hill Institute.

Chloe Wolifson

Thursday 25 June, 2015

About the author

Chloe Wolifson is a Sydney-based independent art writer and curator who works across artist-run, commercial and public domains.