10 Years of MIAF: Student Highlights

MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL ANIMATION FESTIVAL: Ten years of MIAF Student Highlights, pulled together in one fabulous session at the ACMI.
10 Years of MIAF: Student Highlights
10 Years of MIAF: Student Highlights [presented by JMC Academy] It’s amazing how fast 10 years pass, and it’s amazing how students continue to produce high quality work. MIAF pulled together a great selection of dusted old works. It was a shame that this session pulled only a small audience because some pieces were much better than some… no further comment there. As the festival has sped past like a bullet, I’ve done some research on the internet, so you can enjoy the works as much as I did. On the running sheet for the night: Workin’ Progress G GARCIA, B FLIGANS, G VANDENDAELE, B FLINOIS, France 2004, 4’15; A great mini-musical made around Glen Miller music. Onion Skin, PAUL JADOUL, Belgium 2007, 4’00. Journey into the mind, the life, the radical changes of a revolutionary character. Excellent inter-weaving of audio and voice Tim Tom, R SEGAUD, C POUGEOISE, France 2002, 5’30. Hilarious piece where character vs. animator. A Journey worth enjoying. Dog, SUZIE TEMPLETON, UK 2001, 5’45. Oh wow, this is an exceptionally well written and directed piece. Suzie Templeton is a 2008 Oscar award winner in 2008 for best animated short “Peter and the Wolf”. Oktapodi, J BOCABEILLE, F CHANIOUX, O DELABARRE, T MARCHAND, France 2007, 2’30. Romcom set in Greece and winner of countless awards! Clik Clak, A FRENCHINOS, V E MOULIN, T WAGNER, France 2005, 5’45. Some have said this is best understood in French, but for those of us who don’t understand French Clik Clak is combination of humour, and typography. Fish Never Sleep, GAELLE DENIS, UK 2002, 6’00 This short animation was very intriguing, from its political story point of view, but also with it’s simplistic and effective use of colour. Also a winner of the Best of British Animation Awards. I couldn’t find this online; if you do – drop me a line. Our Wonderful Nature, T ESHED, Germany 2008, 4’45 An excellent take off of David Attenborough series.

Stephanie BySouth

Tuesday 29 June, 2010

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