Bridget Ikin: interviewed in New Zealand

Bridget Ikin is a remarkable producer and we hope she inspires younger people in an industry caught between art and money.
Bridget Ikin: interviewed in New Zealand

Still our favourite picture of Bridget Ikin, walking with yaks to Everest Base Camp for Sherpa.

Bridget Ikin, partnered with John Maynard in Felix Media, manages almost more than any other producer to support projects which she admires for their art and individuality. She manages to be gracious, infinitely supportive and uncompromising. She is living proof that producers can have a slate they are truly proud of, creating projects because they are important way beyond entertainment.


Known recently for her arts/culture documentaries, she produced both of Sarah Watts' features, An Angel at My Table for Jane Campion, and Sherpa. She has executive producer wonderfully personal features like Walking on Water for Tony Ayres, The Tracker with Rolf De Heer and The Rocket by Kim Mordaunt and Sylvia Wilcvzynski.

She set up and SBS Independent from 1996 to 2000. The lost of that nest for quality is a tragedy. 

She was given an honourary doctorate from AFTRS in May 2018 - not bad considering the school doesn't have a normal PhD program. The photos on this Twitter post are fun..

We are really pleased that NZ Online has released an interview with her. Here it is.


Screen Australia produced a video with Ikin and Maynard in 2016.


Monday 26 November, 2018

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