Around the Web Roundup, from Fury Road to Wong Kar-Wai

Some of the best recent articles on the web - chewy interviews with Walter Murch, and Wong Kar-Wai plus doc price details and an odd moment about Fury Road.
Around the Web Roundup, from Fury Road to Wong Kar-Wai

Image: Mad Max: Fury Road gets a small kiss from history, avid for more.

Wong Kar-Wai has a new film, is interviewed in depth

A huge figure in Hong Kong cinema, Wong Kar-Wai is the classic Hong Kong filmmaker. 'Action is the first word you must learn. And the second is patience.'


Olivier Assayas, smart French filmmaker, on Juliette Binoche etc

Olivier Assayas is also a critic and screenwriter with a long track record, well worth reading.

Mad Max: Fury Road gains place in history

First best of.. list for the second decade of the century puts Mad Max: Fury Road at the top.

 Magic editor Walter Murch and the birth of modern sound technique

Walter Murch is a living legend and talismanic inspiration in film editing. Here's a close-up on part of his influence.

The hidden facts of international documentary prices

Peter Hamilton, expert and sleuth, reminds his documentary friends that he has many recent studies of the market, available for a fee commensurate with the scale of the data. He is very valuable.

Writers of Avengers: Endgame have a long plot conversation

Looks awfully like a television methodology.

The racist secret cinematographers know

How film preferences pale-skilled peoples, and how the problem did not go away with digital. Where else can you find an actual racist piece of technology?

Netflix is a new kind of small screen drama. So?

International creatives are polled on their perception of the changes to the form created by the international streaming titans.

Deadwood movie coming soon, confronts true mortality

Deadwood broke through into the modern streaming approach to heroism, bad dudes, casual violence and grotesque squalor. It is back for one last time.


Friday 3 May, 2019

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