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Creative Plus Business is a social enterprise dedicated to educating creative people and arts organisations about business skills. We help through sharing practical knowledge in a fun and irreverent way, and everything we do is designed to help creatives to feel more confident and comfortable about the entrepreneurial aspects of their creative practice. We believe that a bit of naughtiness, tempered with a kind heart and a big dose of professionalism, is the key to helping creative people understand the boring basics of business.

Creative Plus Business provides a range of resources, advisory services, workshops, online learning and content to help practitioners from every creative profession find success in their field by embracing business. We have created educational products and services aimed at all levels, from the curious hobbyist, the recent arts graduate, the solo freelancer, small teams of arts entrepreneurs, not-for-profits and larger creative companies.

Regardless of where someone is in their creative practice and profession, we believe that the right information from the right people, with a bit of support and encouragement thrown in, can make the pursuit of creative and business dreams easier and more achievable. We believe it’s possible to be creative, make money, and still love your work.

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