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The University of Melbourne

Master of Music (By Research)

The Master of Music by research is a graduate research degree designed for students to develop their potential for research, contribute to understandings of contemporary practice and theory, and, where relevant, develop mastery in their field of practice.

Completion of the Master of Music (Research) signifies that the holder has undertaken a substantial piece of original research, which has been conducted and reported by the holder under proper academic supervision and in a research environment for a prescribed period.

The duration of Master of Music (Research) candidature is one and a half years for full-time candidates, one six month extension is allowed.

Except in the disciplines of Music Psychology, Music Therapy and Musicology/Ethnomusicology; candidates may submit a folio of compositions or a combination of performance folio and related written project.

The Master of Music (Research) is offered in the following discipline areas:

  • Composition
  • Interactive Composition
  • Jazz & Improvisation
  • Music Performance
  • Music Psychology
  • Music Therapy
  • Musicology/Ethnomusicology