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RMIT University

Master of Fine Art


RMIT offers a hub for emerging artists, researchers and practitioners to cultivate contemporary art practice and gain exposure through local and international exhibitions.

This degree is designed to help those with emerging art practices who are looking to focus their work, and those who seek to expand and extend their existing practices.

The Master of Fine Art is structured in a way that allows ample room for experimentation. You will be mentored and challenged by academic staff who are professional artists, performers, writers, historians and curators to explore multiple media, conceptual tools and techniques, and narrow your focus down to the core of what you want to create and communicate as an artist.

Professional practice is offered in media including:

  • art and technology
  • drawing
  • ceramics
  • gold and silversmithing
  • painting
  • performance
  • photography
  • print media
  • sculpture
  • spatial practice and installation
  • social practice
  • sound
  • video.