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Graduate Diploma

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Full Time

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South Australia

The University of Adelaide

Graduate Diploma in Music (Performance and Pedagogy)

Share your passion

Music education is a rewarding and invigorating area to work in. It challenges and inspires musicians all around the world.

This one-year degree combines performance studies in your specialisation with the theory, method and practice of teaching.

What will you do?

Our Graduate Diploma in Music (Performance and Pedagogy) advances your technical mastery as you:

  • undertake weekly one-to-one lessons with performance staff
  • build pedagogical skills and knowledge through seminars and workshops
  • gain hands-on experience through teaching practise in selected schools and colleges
  • perform two minor recitals with pedagogy related content.

Where could it take you?

You’ll graduate ready to pursue dual careers in music performance and education. You could play in an orchestra while running a private music studio. You might be a soloist with an after-school program, rock camp or community choir. Perhaps you’ll play chamber music as well as teaching on school and college campuses.